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Masquerade came into our hearts in September of 2016.

Masquerade is a SealBicolor Ragdoll.

This big beautiful girl has the sweetest "doll" face and personality! She's got it all! 

Thank you so much Jane!! 

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Victoria is our Lilac Bicolor Ragdoll.

We knew right away that we would be keeping this gorgeous girl from Masquerade and Maverick's first litter because of her sweet temperament and fabulous features. She has the most puffy tail ever and super soft coat. She is irresistible to cuddlywith. 

We know she'll make an excellent mother and absolutely beautiful kitties.  

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TICA Calgary Cat Show April 2018

Chiffondolls Luana of Pleasantdolls

Luana is our Seal Lynx Bicolor Girl

We can't say enough good about Luana!! She has the softest coat, very nice eye color and one of the most laid back personalities! Thank you so much Brigitte from Chiffondolls in Quebec, Canada. We feel so blessed to have one of your gorgeous Ragdolls as part of our family and breeding program. Luana has given us 2 beautiful litters of kittens And we look forward to some future litters as well.




Gem is our Blue Bicolor girl who has come into our family all the way from Louisiana, USA. We are so grateful and appreciative to Anne Paul from Cajun Ragdolls for meeting us in texas amidst a very chaotic time just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit on our way home from the RAW (Ragdolls Around the World) Cat Show in Corpus Christi, TX. This girl has brought so much energy to our family and has such a sweet yet very funny personality. She's got all the amazing ideka Ragdoll qualities that we were hoping to find and we can't wait to wait her grow into an even more beautiful girl the bigger she gets. 



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