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Families of Our Previous Kittens

We love staying in touch with our fur babies and their families to see how beautiful

our Ragdoll babies grow to be. We've been blessed to meet so many amazing and deserving people

with many of them  becoming part of our extended family. We will be posting Pictures and Family

Experiences as we receive them from our previous kitten's families so make sure to check back to

see and hear more about our gorgeous kitties and their wonderful families.



Alex "the lion" is a boy from Masquerade and Maverick's very first litter. 



This boy had a huge personality right from the beginning and always seemed to be looking for ways of teasing one of his siblings or aunties!  Lori and the rest of his new family have been the perfect match for Alex who they renamed Ozzie (totally suits him). We've really appreciated how great this family has been right from the start and we know that Ozzie is one completely spoiled kitty!! 

Here's what his family had to say about their experience of adopting Alex from us: 

"We are very happy to have welcomed our beautiful cat "Ozzie" (Alex) into our family. Sarah from Pleasantdolls made the adoption so easy and had all the paperwork in order. She even delivered Ozzie to our home and brought food samples and lots of toys and a blanket for him. She is obviously a reputable breeder who takes pride in raising such healthy, gorgeous Ragdolls. Ozzie will be two years old this year and has grown into a large beautiful cat. He enjoys playing with our two pomeranians. Sometimes, I wonder if he thinks he's a dog. He keeps himself very clean and has blended in so well with our family. We love him so much and we are so happy that we found Sarah. If you're looking for a gorgeous, healthy Ragdoll, I highly recommend contacting Sarah at Pleasantdolls."

Thank you so much Lori Grenier & Family







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