Retired Breeders

Retired Kings



Blue Lynx Mitted Male

D.O.B. April 23, 2022 

Dam: Horizondolls Rose 

Sire: GRC Wasatchragdolls Romeo 



Everest has been a very sweet, loving Ragdoll since the day he was born in our home. This boy has amazing Ragdoll features like his big, long body,

his very soft, plush coat, beautiful blue eyes and of course his awesome personality. He's now retired and living his best life in Nova Scotia, Canada!

Everest's daughter, Nya, has so many of his wonderful qualities and we are excited to watch her develop.

GRC WasatchRagdolls Romeo 

Blue Lynx Bicolor Boy

D.O.B. March 7, 2021

Dam: CH Blue Dolls Roza

Sire: RW QGC Ragmatical Nimbus



Romeo is an amazing Ragdoll who definitely lives up to his name. This boy came to us from an outstanding Ragdoll breeder, Wasatch Ragdolls,  in the United States. We can't thank Jentry enough for producing such wonderful cats like Romeo! He is now retired and loving life as a spoiled, very loved kitty with his family in Ontario, Canada. 


Blue Bicolor Male

D.O.B. July 18, 2018

Dam: Fritznkitz Lagertha Of Lacatdolls

Sire: Lennox Von Werbellinsee



Samson is a gorgeous Ragdoll who has so many amazing features it's hard to know where to begin. His eye color is phenomenal, his coat is bunny soft and he has the an awesome temperament. This boy produced a few show stopping kittens, including 2 girls that we kept here to become Queens, Juliet and Violet. 

Thank you so much Jane for allowing us to have this boy in our lives and part of our breeding program. 

Pleasantdolls Zuma

Seal Bicolor Male

D.O.B. July 19, 2019

Dam: Amyelizabeth Malibu of Pleasantdolls

Sire: Izzadorablerags Raffaello 



We loved having Zuma here with us, even though it wasn't very long. This boy had the size, coat, eye color and best of all, he was a super cuddler!

While we were observing him and his brother, Surly, to see which to keep as a breeder.  Zuma decided to go ahead and make his own plans by breeding Luana while no one was watching. So we ended up having a surprise litter which came to be a blessing in disguise because Rhubarb was one of those kittens. Rhubarb ended up becoming one of our Queens and she produced some very special babies for us.  Sometimes life has a way making plans for you!

Zuma is now happily living his best life with a new family here in Saskatchewan. 

Izzadorable Raffaello (Remy)

D.O.B. March 20, 2017

Dam: DGC Izzadorablerags Kahlua

Sire: Rouletii Blizzard




Raffaello, who we affectionately called Remy, came to us from Izzadorablerags in August of 2018. He's a Chocolate Bicolor boy who produced some beautiful babies for us and we still have some of his lines in our breeding program through his granddaughter, Rhubarb. He was always so patient and gentle with all of our other kitties, especially the ladies! He's now living in the lap of luxury with a very loving family right here in Saskatchewan. 


Blue Mitted Male

D.O.B. January 6, 2016

Dam: RW QGC Izzadorablerags Blue Moon

Sire: CH Angelicaragdoll Liam




Maverick is such a sweet, cuddly boy who absolutely loves all the attention he can get. This boy has super soft fur, a beautiful bushy tail and lovely spirit. 

He helped produce some fantastic kittens, including our own Queen Victoria. He is now retired and living with his furrever family in Saskatchewan. 

Retired Queens

GRC Pleasantdolls Victoria

Lilac Bicolor 

D.O.B. October 8, 2017




PG Free



We knew right away that we would be keeping this gorgeous girl from Masquerade and Maverick's first litter because of her sweet temperament and fabulous Ragdoll features. She has great boning, a long body with an excellent profile and super soft coat. She is irresistible to cuddly with and loves to get kisses and head bumps at any given moment! She has helped produce and raise some fantastic Ragdoll babies and we hope to see even more of her beautiful offspring in the future as well. 

Victoria has now been spayed and is looking forward to being spoiled by a new furrever family as she deserves. 

Pleasantdolls Violet 

Chiffondolls Luana of Pleasantdolls

Seal Lynx Bicolor Female

D.O.B. August 25, 2018

Dam: Chiffondolls Emma Rose

Sire: GC Kizzykat's Kennedy of Chiffondolls




Thank you so much Brigitte from Chiffondolls for allowing us to have this absolute doll of a cat! She's such a perfect Ragdoll and we were so fortunate to have her here with us! Luana produced some gorgeous kittens including our retired Queen Rhubarb and Violet as well as our current Wueen Juliet 💖

Luana is now loving her new life with her family in Halifax, Canada. 

Amyelizabeth Malibu of Pleasantdolls

Seal Mitted Female

D.O.B. March 9, 2016

Dam: Anam Caras Beatrice Lil

Sire: Echoglen Sebastian Of Ragbenchers




Malibu came home to us in June of 2016. She has the deepest blue eyes and just loves her humans!! She had 4 litters of beautiful kittens and is now retired and living in the lap of luxury with her family in Alberta, Canada. 

LaCatDolls Masquerade of Pleasantdolls


Seal Bicolor Female

D.O.B. May 7, 2016

Dam: Whiterockrags Maewest of LaCatDolls

Sire: Kizzykat's Drummer Boy of LaCatDolls



Thank you Jane from LaCatDolls for sending us this stunning girl! Masquerade was one of our first Queens who produced large litters and some amazing Ragdoll babies for us here at Pleasantdolls. Her very first litter with Maverick gave us a litter of 9 healthy kittens included our retired Queen Victoria. Masquerade is loving retired life with her family here in Saskatchewan 💖